Unto us a Son is given

As in our Saviour’s wondrous birth At this time we joy know;
For mercy shown we can be glad, And thanks and praises show.

For Christ has come to rescue men From guilt, and sin and shame;
And pardon, hope and endless life Are found within this Name.

When He was born He laid aside His glory that He had
For all eternity enjoyed; And meekness He displayed.

And of a virgin He was born In great humility;
Yet wise men from the east Him praise, As they the Saviour see.

And as those shepherds knew such joy When they learnt Christ had come;
So we who trust Him soon may prove That Heaven will be our home.

For Christ came from above and showed He only is the way;
And life and truth He will impart To those who Him obey.

For He became our substitute When on the cross He died;
And He was punished for our sins When He was crucified.

God sent this wondrous precious gift, That we may thus receive
Abundant life through grace alone. May we on Him believe!
By Ray Chaplin