The Fire at Sloe Farm


Oh what a sight do we behold when coming home from town,
With many firemen at Sloe Farm where stacks are burning down!

How hard it is for quite a while to deal with all the smoke;
But tenders come, and men work hard the burning straw to soak.

And thankfully our house is saved through firemen’s skill and hose;
And of the wind, we thank the LORD that the right way it blows.

Such mercy should remind us of the Saviour who did give
His life, that those who trust Him might with Him for ever live.

For Christ did die that He might be a substitute for sin;
That we might life eternal know, and to heaven enter in.

So may we lessons learn through fire, and wise in our hearts grow;
And may God keep us safe, and His great mercy to us show

by Ray Chaplin