The Centenary Flypast


Oh! What a sight did we behold one morning in July:
A hundred R.A.F. aircraft, arrayed against the sky.

For Typhoons with this grand parade, and bright Red Arrows too,
And Hawks and Lightnings rushing past, did all their splendour show.

And with new aircraft were some planes that have seen many a year:
Spitfires and sturdy Lancasters in glory did appear.

Then Pumas and the fine Chinooks added to this their roar;
And Hercules, and Tornados, and Tucanos we saw.

Our Queen took much delight in these parading o’er her Palace,
And from the balcony she showed her much approving face.

God has much blessed the R.A.F. through this past century;
When we have fought against our foes we’ve oft known victory.

And as new days to us unfold, may God bless and defend,
And help our noble R.A.F. to stand firm to the end.
Ray Chaplin