Scenes old and new and sayings ever true

The last book below which has recently been published, “Scenes Old and New and sayings Ever True”

Pastor Hetherington Writes:

“This book contains breathtaking scenes of nature, showing forth God’s wisdom and His glorious power in creation. There are also wonderful pictures of heritage which remind us that man’s days are  numbered and fleeting. There are glorious  scenes of the powers and authority over us, ever  reminding us that God, appoints the powers that be, and  that “He ruleth over all”. Also included  are beautiful poems and pieces, as well as some very touching tributes, and meaningful prayers. There are some very powerful and moving stories from Ray’s farming days, and tending  livestock especially his sheep, all pointing us to our great Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, our Shepherd.

The book will make  a very fine gift to anyone, it is especially helpful to the elderly or partially sighted because the font is large and the pictures are full page, making it very easy to view and read.”

This large colour book which is 22.5cm x 28.5 cm contains 89 pages, and is therefore very reasonably priced at just £8.00, and £2.50 postage and packing in the UK.

Scenes Old and New and sayings ever true