Poems and Meditations

This fine 40 page booklet  containing excellent photographs, wonderful poems and helpful meditations has frequently been used in Churches.

Regarding the Poem book on the right, Mr Tony Cracknel wrote:

I consider it an honour and a pleasure to write a few words concerning this booklet of Ray Chaplin’s poems. From the first time I read them I found a oneness with the author concerning the deep and blessed doctrines of the Word of God on which they are so solidly based and the more I read the more I felt that an effort should be made to make them available to others of the Lord’s people.

Its my desire firstly that these poems would bring all honour and glory to the great Head of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ; secondly that the Lord’s dear people may be blessed and encouraged; and thirdly, that those who take no thoughts of eternity may be halted in their mad career and be brought to seek the Lord while He may be found.

May our Sovereign God bless each reader to the eternal good to his or her immortal soul, and may it be true that God’s dear Son, “in all things might have the pre-eminence” Colossians 1:18

Published in January 1990 – By Cow and Calf Press.  £4.00 Inc. packaging and postage

This is just one of Ray’s poems to sample from the book:




Lord when the way before me seems

Distressing and not clear.

Help me to do the thing that’s right

To trust Thee and not fear.


When I’m confronted with a case

Where various openings be;

So guide my steps that I will go

The way that pleases Thee.


May I not venture in a way

That contradicts Thy Word;

And when in doubt may my aim be

To magnify the LORD.


If the right way seems wrong to those

Who would my helpers be,

Give me the grace to hold my ground

And ever honour Thee.


So may I do the thing that’s good

Nor be afraid of man,

Know Thee as guide and helper too

Whatever I may plan.


So though my days may sometimes be

Distressed and trying too;

With Thee as guide I will be blessed

In everything I do.


And when my journey here is done

And faith is turned to sight,

I’ll bless the hand that kept me safe –

And guided me aright.