The Birth of our Grandson


When Freddie Ray was given to us he was born in a car;

His Daddy, who was unprepared, turned out to be a star.

The ambulance was on its way, the hospital not far;

But Freddie would not wait for these – he was born in the car.

Beth focused on the job in hand, and Daniel kept his calm;

And so the little boy was born without undue alarm.

This Boxing Day was cold, so soon his temperature went down;

A cuddle was his only warmth, a towel his only gown.

The ambulance, the hospital, both played their part at last;

And thankfully the couple knew the danger was all past.

For this event we give our thanks to God for all His care:

For mercies shewn abundantly, for blessings that we share.

So we praise God for this grandson, and trust he’ll truly prove

Blessings divine bestowed on him, as one loved from above.