When sadly disappointments come, and I can be cast down;

May I rest in Thy wise decrees, and Thee as sovereign own.


And may I say God’s will be done, submitting to Thy ways;

And humbly trust Thy loving care and live unto Thy praise.


So keep me LORD from bitterness and ways that cause Thee grief;

And wilt Thou condescend to bless, and grant divine relief.


And by Thy providence wilt Thou ere long improve my case;

So that I may know changes come as I my future face.


So may I triumph by Thy grace, victorious in Thy power;

Protected by Thy tender hand, at such a needy hour.


And may I prove Thy promise true that all things work for good

To those that put their trust in Thee, a kind and gracious God.

By Ray Chaplin