This is a special ode to Dice, my fine four legged friend;
For he brings joy to many folk approaching their lives end.

And my dear cocker spaniel loves to comfort bring and cheer
To those on wards who beckon him, and love to have him near.

And many visits he has made to care homes where he’s seen
The troubled comforted and helped, and he’s a blessing been.

And when on times a treat he has through biscuits dear ones share,
His gentle touch is much admired – he’s looked on as a star!

Dice lives on a smallholding where there’s space to run around;
And when off duty, loves a game, when time for this is found.

But though my dog to me is dear, I’ve One that’s dearer still;
Who comforts me in all my ways, in good and through all ill.

This is the LORD in whom I trust; who grace does show to me;
Who all my sins forgives through Christ, who died on Calvary.

And not through merits of my own are my sights now on heaven;
But through Christ’s mediatorial work are all my wrongs forgiven.

So that’s the Gospel that we share – that all on God who call
In tidings glad may now rejoice, and of great mercy tell.

(Below) Ray (with Barney his cat) visiting the elderly at Finborough Court
Pilgrims Way, Great Finborough, Stowmarket