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  • Interesting Interviews with various Christians
New!  A fascinating interview with Mr and Mrs Gooch . They were Christians who were audio 3involved in the Armed services during the second World War. Mr Gooch  spent some time in in southern Italy in a town called Ferrara and also spent some time in Egypt. Mrs Gooch lived on the airfield and she tells us about family life during this difficult time

New! audio 3

An interesting interview at Finbrough Court with Mrs Brenda Beetwell on April 2006. Mrs Beetwell lived during the Second World War and she attended Wattisham Strict Baptist Chapel. She explains how she met her husband and where she lived and especially when the Lord saved her. Mrs Beetwell closes by reading Psalm 121.

An interview with Mr Ray Abbott – residing at Hadleigh Angel Court, Suffolk. Mr audio 3Ray Abbott is a Second World War Veteran – who was a member of Sir Winston Churchill’s Secret Army.

Mr & Mrs Alan & Victoria Rice – Christians who were born during and after the first world war and married during the Second World War.”Its not life if you don’t know the Lord”audio 3

An interview with a dear Christian, Mrs Iris Wilson at Finborough Court, Stowemarket Suffolk –  Mrs Wilson was involved in General Nursing during the Second World 3
An interview with former Pastor Harry Cherry – who is also a  World War II Veteran and who was given great opportunity to minister the Word of God amongst British soldiers. audio 3
On Friday October the 24th 2014, Ray Chaplin was interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk regarding the widely and much appreciated work he does with ‘Dice’ his dog as he regularly visits hospitals and care homes for the elderly and blind. During the interview Ray was able to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through a lovely ode which he wrote regarding “Dice” to the Glory of God. Audio Permission granted by BBC Radio Suffolk  audio 3
An interview with Mr Geraint Lloyd a Welsh minister, from Carmarthen who shares with Ray how the Lord has led him over the 3
An interview with Matthew Pickhaver who speaks about the 1921 revivals in the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas of East Anglia. audio 3
An encouraging interview with dear Mr Salisbury, a faithful elderly Christian gentleman. Mr Salisbury has worked with many horses and has some fascinating, history to share with us. He especially shares God’s goodness and kindness to 3
A very solemn and touching tribute to Ray and Sandra’s daughter who died of cot death in 1987. A help and encouragement for any Christian going through difficult times of God’s 3
“Days Gone by” Interview with Mr Bill Denny, in 1991. Mr Denny shares with Ray his conversion by God’s grace many years ago. As a native of Wattisham he shares some interesting facts about the area, of bygone 3
“Days Gone by” A delightful interview with Mr and Mrs Herby and Annie Havers – a Christian farming family, sharing their 70th Wedding 3
An interesting interview with Mr Stafford – a Christian who served in the RAF and served as a navigator. He shares his memories and how the Lord has helped 3
Interview with Mrs Betty Bradford – A godly elderly Christian woman who lived through some very difficult times and who helped raise a number of young girls by God’s 3
An interview with Rev Gearoid Marley, a Protestant Truth Society Wickliffe Preacher, who as a young man was wonderfully brought to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ out of Catholicism.  audio 3

Trinitarian Bible Society

Interviews with  various members of staff at the Trinitarian Bible Society at the headquarters in Wimbledon, Ray asks many questions about the 3
Further Interviews with  various members of staff at the Trinitarian Bible Society, including Dr David Allen, at the headquarters in Wimbledon. audio 3

Military Personnel Interviews

Interviews with military men and some Christians at Wattisham Airbase. Including an interview with Pastor Tom Hill who also served in the 3

A day at Wattisham Airbase interviewing two Apache Pilotsaudio 3
A day on HMS Grafton – Interesting views with the crew. Also on the day was an army Air corps Band Celebration marching with Sailors of HMS Grafton  in order to commemorate the receiving of the freedom of the Town of 3
July 10th 2005 Interviews with World War II Veterans at Bury Cathedral, a special service and parade was held. Contains fascinating interviews, hymns and Scripture readings. Thanking God for the deliverance of our nationaudio 3
July 1st 2014 Stow Market. 1st and 2nd World War Commemorations – with many interviews and a Christian perspective giving thanks to 3

Farming & Agricultural Shows with a Christian Perspective

Fascinating interviews at the 2002 Suffolk agricultural showaudio 3
Fascinating interviews at the 2003 Suffolk agricultural show – it is wonderful to learn about God’s wonderful creatures both great and small, and to hear from hardworking farmers and local people in the community some are 3
Various interviews with friends at the 2012 Hadleigh Agricultural show – Hadleigh is one of the oldest one-day Agricultural Shows in the Country. Details about the Combs Ford and a Farming interview about chickens with Mr Gareth 3
Fascinating interviews at the 2014 Suffolk agricultural showaudio 3
Royal Norfolk Show 2014audio 3
A day at “Wattisham Steam and by-gone’s fete”  – Some very Interesting facts and conversations about steam engines, also an interview with Lynx helicopter Pilots. The Westland Lynx is a British multi-purpose military helicopter designed and built by Westland Helicopters at it’s factory in Yeovilaudio 3
“Great Britain and the Bible” A program made at Wetheringsett Manor, by Ray in June 2001.  Wetheringsett Manor is a former rectory, and is now an international Mission Centre. The program contains interviews with various Christians and ministers at the “Protestants Today” display. Also there is reading by Ray Chaplin from Psalm 19, followed by a reading of one of his excellent poems, entitled “The Bible”. The program ends with metrical Psalms sung by a Congregation in Northern 3
18th Sept 1999 Hendon Steam Museum visit with some interviews with Christians alsoaudio 3
Ray Chaplin’s various poems written during 1989 and read by Ray and his familyaudio 3
Various Psalm Readingsaudio 3